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Volume 4 Issue 2

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Title : Water Use in Sprinkler-Irrigated Carrot Plant in Semi-Arid Konya-Kasınhanı Province of Turkey

Authors : Omid Ahmed Jalal Jalal, Bilal Acar

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Abstract :

This study was performed to evaluate water use for sprinkler-irrigated carrot plant at Konya-Kasınhanı Province of Turkey in 2017 vegetation period. In research, current crop patterns, irrigation number, carrot root yield, electricity consumption and common irrigation problems were analyzed. The data were obtained from 19 farms by field observations or face-to-face survey techniques. In examined farms, the maximum crop pattern with a share of 68% was carrot production. Second rank in crop pattern is other vegetables such lettuce, radish, tomato, pepper and cabbage. Including carrot farming, vegetables had 85% of crop pattern in research farms. Seasonal irrigation number was found as about 20 with total applied water of 1500-2000 mm by using sprinkler irrigation system. Depending on cultivars and management activities, carrot root yield varied from 60 to 100 t/ha. Electricity consumptions were determined as about 5338 kwh/ha. In research date of 2017, energy cost of such pump was about 1815 TL/ ha or 485 USD/ha. The most important problems were energy and irrigation labor costs. Carrot production is backbone of the farming activity in region. It has the highest water-consuming crop in region. Therefore, future studies in most should be focused on the efficient water use strategies.