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Volume 3 Issue 2

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Title : Utilizing Modern Systems Approach to Realize Higher Order Dynamic Analogue Circuits

Authors : Z. El-Ali, T. El-Ali

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Abstract :

Modern system approaches will be used to realize a 5th order dynamic differential equation as an analogue circuit using resistors, capacitors, and operational amplifiers. The resulting circuit will be tested using Matlab® and those results will be verified using Multisim. The state space approach will be used to convert the 5th order differential equation to five first order differential equations. Using the Multisim simulator, various input types were tested across the input terminals of the analog computer and the results were recorded. 


Title : Review and Prospect of Logistics Research Based on Input-Output Analysis

Authors : Aimin Deng, Yunfeng Li

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Abstract :

Based on the brief analysis of the research background and input-output analysis of the logistics industry, this paper analyzes the domestic and foreign papers on the input-output analysis of the logistics industry. Logistics industry, logistics industry input-output analysis and logistics industry input-output analysis of the efficiency of the research status and progress are respectively compared. Then the situation of the domestic logistics industry input-output analysis are reviewed. Finally, as for the existing problems in the study, this paper makes a concise summary and forms some ideas for the future research directions.