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Volume 3 Issue 1

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Title : Impairing Of The Renal Function In Cervical Cancer Cameroonian Women Under Cisplatin-Based Therapy: Implications For The Management

Authors : Assokom Eliane Vanessa, Koanga Mogtomo Martin Luther*, Dina Bell Esther, Kojom Foko Loick, Embolo Enyegue Elisee, Nda Mefoo Jean Pierre, Olemba Clemence, Essomba Martin Biwole, Ngono Ngane Annie Rosalie, Mouelle Sone Albert

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Abstract :

Many reports outlined adverse effects induced by anti-neoplastic drugs such as cisplatin on renal function even though action mechanism is not yet quite understood. This study aimed at evaluating the effect of cisplastin-based concurrent chemoradiotherapy on glomerular filtration in cervical cancer women. A hospital-based study was carried out from November 2013 to march 2014. Four milliliter of venous blood was collected at four time points (T0, T1, T2 and T3) prior to the chemotherapy. Creatininemia and creatinine clearance rate were adequately computed. Questionnaire form was administered for documenting the baseline characteristics of participants. Medical records were carefully scrutinized to collect complementary information. A total of 26 women aged more than 21 years old were included in the study with a mean age of 59.34 ± 9.96 years. A significant decreasing the renal function between T0 and T1 (p = 0.0076) was observed although thereafter no longer significant between T1 and T2 (p = 0.1947) and between T2 and T3 (p = 0.1190). This study revealed a cisplatin related damaging and dose-depending effect on renal function and underscores the need for cisplatin dose related adjustment with respect to renal function in medical practice.


Title : Implementation of Proposed PDF to Five Possible Receiver Structures

Authors : Ashok Kajla , Sheeba Khan

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Abstract :

As we know that closed form PDF (probability density function) does not present for noise which is normally detected at communication receiver. So, due to this reason implementation of optimum receiver is very difficult. And this noise(undesirable disturbance) is the sum of Guassian noise and impulsive interference . So, alternate PDF is proposed by many authors which makes implementation of optimum receiver easy.

In this paper, we will examine five receiver structures; the linear AWGN receiver, the optimum ML receiver, the Cauchy receiver, soft-limiter receiver and the receiver based on proposed PDF suggested by authors.