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Volume 2 Issue 2

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Title : Reproductive Performance and Fattening Potential of both Ovine and Caprinebreed Djallonkéor Naine (Dwarf) : A Review

Authors : Komara Moussa,Traoré Beh, Soro Dofara

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Abstract :

This review show some performances from both ovine and caprine breed Djallonké in their humid tropical region of West Africa. On one part their individuals good reproductive performances (prolificity, fertility, lambing or kiding interval, birth weight, daily weight gain) andtheir femalesbody, udder or teat physiological caracteristics are reported. On other part their fattening potential or relative good slaughtering performance are also reported. Suggesting that the current developement of sustainable and productive breeding in both ovine and caprine breed Djallonké can permitto reach a higher covering of humans needs in these small ruminants meat from this region of the world.