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Volume 16 Issue 4

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Title : The Moderating Role of Project Regulatory Framework on the Influence of Project Planning On Performance of Housing Projects in Kenya

Authors : Charles Wanjau, Gregory Namusonge, Benard Lango

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Abstract :

Despite the adoption of recommended project management practices by Kenyan contractors, the construction industry in Kenya continues to face significant challenges in project performance.  The study intended to examine the influence of project scope planning and the moderating role of project regulatory framework on the performance of housing projects in Kenya. The study was based on twotheories; theory of project managementand public interest theory. This study adopted a descriptive research design. The target population was 675 building construction stakeholders; Project Managers, Engineers, Architects, contractors, and site supervisors drawn from 135  housing projects within Nairobi Metropolitan. The study made use of primary quantitative data which were collected through the use of a structured questionnaire. Pilot testing was done to test the validity and reliability of the research instrument. The Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics mainly percentages, frequencies and means and standard deviations and inferential statistics mainly the regression analysis. The descriptive results showed that project scope planning influenced the performance of housing projects in Kenya. The study concluded that 45.8% of the variance in the performance of housing projects was explained by project scope planning. The study also found that project regulatory framework moderates the relationship between project Scope planning and Performance of  housing projects in Kenya. The moderation by project regulatory framework explains 74% of the variations in performance of housing projects in Kenya. Based on the study findings, it was established that project scope planning and project regulatory framework jointly explain significant variation in performance of  housing projects in Kenya. The study concluded that Project scope planning is crucial for the successful performance of housing projects in Kenya. Project scope planning provides clarity, enables efficient resource allocation, helps manage costs and time, and enhances stakeholder satisfaction.