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Title-Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Approach To Revenue Generation: Case Study Of Cassava

Abstract-Communication scholars see Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) as effective persuasive aspect of communication.  Thus, this study focuses on how to use IMC to communicate cassava potential to target audience in order to pave way for better revenue generation. The research adopted in-depth interview and survey methods. Three cassava-oriented principal officers were interviewed.  The survey used sample size of 210 respondents who were served the questionnaire. The study finds that radio adverts, public relations, oramedia, among other IMC tools are suggested by respondents to be effective tools to communicate cassava potentials to stakeholders.  Based on this result, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is seen as an effective tool to drive the message of revenue generation from cassava products in Nigeria. One of the major recommendations is that media organizations and National Orientation Agency should use IMC tools to create more awareness and motivate governments at all levels to promote cassava industrialization.